What our Members say:


I don’t know what my life would be like without having met my playgroup through the SLMG. It has been the cornerstone of my existence as a mom. The kids play; and the moms chat, laugh, vent and share. I would almost dare to say that I now have too many friends!!! And these aren’t like Facebook friends. These are real friends who have seen you at your parenting bests and worsts – friends who know about your children’s’ quirks and who are close enough to make fun of your parenting quirks. I feel whole as a parent, having these friendships and support in my life.” -A


When I had my second child I wasn’t sure what to do with a baby and a toddler. I joined the SLMG multi-age play groups, and both of my kids made friends the same age as they were!  I got to have a break, a coffee, a vent and a laugh. The best part is that I’m still friends with all of those moms -and our kids are all friends too!” -R


Being part of playgroups has been one of the best parts of being a member of SLMG.  I’ve met so many great Moms over the past 4 years, they’ve become such good friends, long after our kids have gone onto school, we still get together with our kids and even without our kids.  Playgroups allow you to meet in smaller groups and really get to know other Moms, I’m not one for going up to a random Mother at a park and start talking, so for me the playgroups have made it so much easier to meet people and as a bonus my kids know so many other kids.” -K


I didn’t grow up in the area so I knew that I wanted to meet other moms in the neighbourhood after I had a baby. I joined several classes and programs -but the best thing about our week was always the playgroup!  It was so casual and easy to show up at someone’s house in sweat pants and just hang out. My daughter and I made some wonderful friends in her playgroup. It’s been 4 years and we still see lots of the friends we met when she was a baby. I would highly recommend joining ‘playgroup’ to any mom in the neighbourhood.”  -C


I had just moved into Leaside before starting up with SLMG and had heard great things but didn’t know what to expect. My expectations were exceeded. The playgroup I was paired with was just the right amount of informal and organized to make it a perfect fit for me and my little guy. I would not have easily made the same connections had it been left up to me meeting people in the park. With sincerity the playgroups should be on your priority to-do list!” -H